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NFL Lockout Ends

The NFL Lockout is over. Over 130 days later, the NFL owners and players have agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement that came together over the weekend. The  NFLPA executive committee made it unanimous, as George Atallah, who works for the players and the NFLPA, tweeted. With this unanimous recommendation, the vote will now go to the 32 player representatives for a vote, which is a mere formality at this point. Then every player will need to vote on recertify the the union when they begin to report to training camp this week.

Now the NFL season will be condensed from several months to just a total of five days or so. Undrafted rookie free agents, rookies, restricted free agents, unrestricted free agents, franchise players--all kinds of moves are going to come at a pace no one has ever witnessed before in the NFL.

There will be no opt-out clause in this deal, which means it will be another decade until we need to hear about labor agreement talks.

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