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NFL Lockout: New Agreement Between Owners, Players Expected At Monday Press Conference

Monday should be the day the NFL lockout ends. The NFLPA is expected to hold a press conference on Monday to announce that they have reached an agreement with the owners over a new collective bargaining agreement. There were mixed reports on Sunday on whether the deal was done or was close to being finalized on Monday.

Late on Sunday evening, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, it was reported, sent an e-mail out to his teammates, informing them that the deal was done and the announcement was expected to come on Monday. He offered a timetable on what would happen with the Saints and would apply to the rest of the league. With the announcement on Monday, teams would then have 72 hours to re-sign their own players beginning on Tuesday. On Friday, free agency would start in earnest. Training camp would be expected to start on July 31, which is the date Brees provides for the Saints.

On Monday, after the expected announcement, the NFLPA executive committee is expected to recommend the deal to the 32 player representatives. The reps would then vote on the deal, which sends the vote to every player. The players will vote on recertifying the union when they report for training camp.

Football should finally be here soon enough.

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