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Madden 12 Team Ratings: Denver Broncos Lowest In AFC West

We're still over a month away from Madden 12's release on Aug. 30 (thank you very much, NFL Lockout), but we already know that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is one of the highest-rated rookies in this year's game. But how does the Broncos team as a whole stack up in the game?

Jon Robinson at ESPN's "The Gamer" blog has revealed team ratings division-by-division recently and the AFC West came out on Tuesday. As can be expected for a team coming off a 4-12 season, the Broncos have a 74 overall rating, lowest in the division. Robinson offers his take on the Broncos:

It's all about who you want as your starting quarterback in Denver. Tim Tebow is 77 overall with 80 speed and 76 throwing accuracy while Kyle Orton is 82 overall with only 64 speed but 85 accuracy. Really depends on how you like to play "Madden." As a guy who likes mobility, I'll take Tebow.

I'll also take Tebow as my starter in Madden (and in the real thing). I'll just trade Orton for the best deal I can get in my franchise, preferably a second-round pick.

The Oakland Raiders are just two points better at 76 overall and have Shane Lechler as their top player. He's a 98 overall. Anyone playing the Kansas City Chiefs (84 overall) will have a hard time stopping Jamaal Charles and his 98 overall speed. The San Diego Chargers (85 overall) will have the powerful tandem of Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates to cause havoc against opposing players. 

Oh, just like most versions of Madden, I'll curse uncontrollably at the game for screwing me over when the reality is that I'm just not very good at it.