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NFL Lockout Update: Players Still Looking Over Deal Owners Ratified

The NFLPA will work through the weekend to determine what exactly is in the collective bargaining agreement that the owners approved on Thursday night, reports ESPN. However, there are conflicting reports, as ESPN also mentions. The players supposedly received an e-mail telling them that there will be a meeting among the player representatives on Monday, while other sources report about the continuing work over the weekend.

The NFLPA apparently did receive a summary of the proposed deal, but the one that the owners voted on did not include the 10 open issues the players still need to resolve. The ones that loom largest are the reconstitution of the players association and a settlement of the Brady vs. NFL lawsuit.

So there will be no team facilities opening this weekend and there will be no early start to free agency. As will all things lockout-related at this point, the truth of the matter is still murky. Neither side looks good the longer things go.

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