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Perrish Cox Sexual Assault Case: Court Documents Unsealed, Reveal Two Other Broncos At Party

After months of legal battles to unseal court documents relating to alleged sexual assault case of Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox, the Denver Post and the Associated Press won that case a few weeks ago when a Colorado State judge ruled in favor of the news organizations. While Cox's lawyers appealed the decision, the court documents were released on Friday afternoon when the State Supreme Court decided not to hear the case.

According to these new reports and documents, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and defensive back Cassius Vaughn, both teammates, were with Cox at the party the night of the alleged incident, Sept. 5-6. The documents also relate a story from the reported victim of having contact with Thomas, but he supposedly left after she passed out. She claims she was drugged since she had only a few drinks.

The documents also reveal that the alleged victim became pregnant and that Cox is the father. When she learned she was pregnant in late October, she reported the incident to the police.

How this now plays out when selecting a jury will be something to watch in October.