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NFL Lockout: No Players Vote Today, Says Brian Dawkins

It looks like NFL fans will need to wait a little longer for football to start back up. Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins, reports the Denver Post, said that he doesn't anticipate a Friday vote by the players on the proposed collective bargaining agreement that the owners approved, 31-0, on Thursday evening. The NFLPA and the players are still going over the entire document to understand some of the last-minute changes the owners voted for.

While the teams expected to open their facilities on Saturday, it no longer appears that players will do so with no vote on the CBA planned yet. The proposed timetable to start the season that the NFL released on Thursday night will need some changes to it, as it was contingent upon the players ratifying the deal. Free agency and preseason games are still quite unsettled.

Don't count on Broncos training camp starting on July 27 or 28.

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