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NFL Lockout: Players Could Hold CBA Vote On Friday

The NFL Lockout is still in place on Friday morning, and there's no telling how long it will last. On Thursday, the owners approved, 31-0, their proposed terms of a new collective bargaining agreement. However, the players were unaware of provisions that the owners put in and backlash erupted among them. After a two-hour conference call with DeMaurice Smith, the player representatives and others did not hold a vote on accepting a new deal.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the players could take a vote on Friday (though that is disputed), as they received the details of all the owners' proposed changes after the conference call ended. What remains to be settled, among other things, is language in the agreement that coerces the players into forming a union, almost assuredly a violation of labor laws.

Just days ago, everything looked like it was in place to end the lockout, but now things may have moved further back from an agreement. Stay tuned for what should be another wild day in NFL Lockout Land.

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