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NFL Lockout: Players Don't Vote, Feel Owners Are Trying To Pull A Fast One

The NFL Lockout will continue after the players did not vote Thursday night on a new collective bargaining agreement. This came just hours after the owners approved a set of documents that they wanted for the new deal. However, the players have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure with a deal that has new clauses in it that the players didn't agree to.

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith did hold a conference call with the player reps on Thursday night and it was not a good call. A second e-mail came out after that, in which the NFLPA told players that the NFL timetable for the players to reconstitute their union would be a coercive act and illegal under labor laws. Under the deal the owners approved, the players need to do that by July 26. And once that happens, the players have three days to negotiate any changes. But if the owners don't accept them, it's the previous agreement for the next decade.

What a crazy night!

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