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NFL Lockout: Owners Approve New Deal, Wait For Players To Vote

The NFL Lockout is halfway over on Thursday evening, as the owners have voted 31-0 in favor of approving a global agreement that ends all legal matters in the Brady, et al. vs. NFL legal battle that has gone on since the middle of March. Al Davis' Oakland Raiders were the only team to abstain from voting. Everything now depends on when and how the players vote on this deal.

The players will have a conference call around 6 p.m. MT, but it may not be for a vote. As's new report states, the call could just be to update the player representatives on what is currently going on and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith doesn't expect a vote to happen on Thursday.

The main issue here for the players is when they recertify as a union. That is part of any new CBA, but will it happen before the new CBA is voted on or after by the players is up in the air.

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