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NFL Lockout: Players Give Conditional Approval Of CBA, According To Report

Wednesday came and gone and the NFL Lockout is still in place. While the lockout wasn't expected to end on Wednesday, the players were expected to vote on the new collective bargaining agreement before the owners did so on Thursday. As it turns out, the players gave a conditional vote on Wednesday (via on terms that they would accept, pending other issues being cleared up.

The Brady vs. NFL class-action lawsuit needs to be finished as part of a global agreement and that has yet to be settled. Reportedly, the player reps won't vote on any deal until every outstanding legal matter is completed.

While there is some speculation that the players could vote on Thursday, that may not be the case. The owners are still scheduled to vote in Atlanta on Thursday.

Don't ink down Broncos training camp starting on July 28 just yet. It's going to come, but the players want to make sure they have the details down right.

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