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NFL Lockout: Player Representatives Heading To D.C., Broncos' Brian Dawkins Already There

In what has to be the surest sign yet that a new collective bargaining agreement is set to be finalized between the owners and the players, the 32 player representatives of the NFLPA are heading to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday for a vote on the new deal. This will give the union reps time to learn about the deal, communicate details to their respective teammates and then vote to approve the agreement.

Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins is already will be in D.C. as the team's representative and as a member of the executive board after he resolves his airline issues. Once Dawkins plays his part in all of this, he'll need to meet his future with the Broncos, which could include a pay cut for the aging veteran.

Once the players approve the agreement, the owners are expected to vote on July 21. Once that happens, Denver Broncos training camp can commence on July 28 or thereabouts.

Are you ready for some football?

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