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Madden 12 Rookie Ratings: Broncos' Von Miller Rated Highly

Are you ready to take control of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, when Madden 12 comes out on Aug. 30? EA Sports has provided a sneak preview of the top 10 rookie ratings for the upcoming game, and naturally Miller is right up there.


However, he is outside of the top-five ratings. The top rookie is No. 5 overall pick and Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson at 82. He had been connected to the Broncos early on in the draft process. Actually, Peterson is tied with another player who was heavily favored to go to the Broncos, Alabama DT Marcell Dareus. He went No. 3 overall to the Buffalo Bills.


The No. 19 pick, CB Prince Amukamara of the Giants, comes in right behind at 81 and is followed by WR A.J. Green (80 overall, No. 4 pick) and J.J. Watt (80 overall, No. 11 pick). That paves the way for Miller, Mike Pouncey and Mark Ingram and 79 overall.


Oh, I'm anticipating taking Miller and having him crush Philip Rivers multiple times (provided the Madden franchise doesn't continue to beat up on me).