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NFL Lockout: Language Of Agreement Written In NY, While Other Meetings Held In DC

The momentum to a conclusion of the NFL Lockout continues on Monday morning with news that a new Collective Bargaining agreement is being written in New York. As ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, the lawyers for both sides are meeting in New York to write the agreement, while the leaders of the NFL and the NFLPA are meeting in Washington, D.C.

According to the NFL Network's Albert Breer, a player representative from all 32 teams will be in D.C. on Wednesday in anticipation of a new agreement being finalized on Thursday. This would allow those players to then communicate what the new deal includes to their teammates.

Schefter also has an odd but funny quote from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

Jerry Jones says labor deal is down to "circumsizing [sic] mosquitoes". Who would have known a moyel would be more significant than a mediator?

So both sides are down to the really small things, but with mosquitoes being quite small wouldn't it be hard to circumcise them? At this point, everyone's probably trying to find some new analogy to describe how close the negotiations are to being done. No need to quibble over gossamer in them.

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