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Denver Broncos Training Camp Could Start July 28 If New CBA Ratified This Week

July 28. It's the date many a Broncos fan has been waiting to hear for months. No, it's not the date when the NFL Lockout will end, which is presumably July 21. Rather, July 28 will be the day the Broncos open up training camp in Dove Valley, reports the Denver Post's Mike Klis, should a new deal be reached this week.

But, again, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement does need to be struck, and it's looking more than ever as coming this week on July 21, when the owners hold league meetings. One would hope that the owners are all on the same page right now on a new agreement and won't put a hold on anything.

Once that deal is in place, the Broncos have a number of moves to make in free agency and in signing their rookies. And soon enough, the Broncos will take the field against the Dallas Cowboys for a preseason game. Sure, it's preseason, but it's better than months more of endless negotiations.

The NFL is almost back. Can you feel the excitement building?

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