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NFL Lockout 2011: Agreement In Principle Could Come Early This Week, Owners Vote Possible On July 21

The NFL Lockout could be over by Thursday, July 21, as has been speculated over the last week. According to the NFL Network's Albert Breer, the owners and the players have no plans to meet and discuss things--a good sign because it means they just need their respective lawyers to go over details and language through e-mail and phone calls.

As we've learned over the last week, both sides came to an agreement on a rookie pay scale, agreed to end restricted free agency on fourth- to sixth-years players, created the framework for a "legacy fund" for post-agreement talks and have allowed teams a 72-hour window to re-sign their own free agents before all things go wild.

For the Denver Broncos, this means the team can finally get down to adding at running back and defensive tackle in free agency and finally starting the Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow quarterback battle. The heat of August is swiftly approaching.

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