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Broncos' John Fox Looks For Value In Free Agency

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox has his lists and he's checking them twice. No, he's not Santa Claus, but he will be mining the free agent pool for talent once the NFL league year starts up. Whether that's at the end of July or later has yet to be settled. But, as Woody Paige reports in the Denver Post, Fox knows who he wants to go after once that period does start. However, don't expect the Broncos to make any big splashes:

"I want to rebuild this team through the draft, though. You pick your spots (in free agents), fill in places of need. They don't have to be high- priced talent. There are players on our lists who are quality veterans and can help us win, and they don't have to cost a ton of money[,]" [Fox said.]

Fox would prefer to build his team through the draft, and the Broncos failed to do that at the end of the Mike Shanahan era. The draft picks McDaniels are still unsettled, but it's far too early to give up on any of them.

What Fox is saying about free agency could be equated to: "The later rounds of the draft are where you solidify the team." This new free agency era will an interesting test case to see how well Fox can adapt to a team that still has plenty of room to improve.

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