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Tim Tebow Book Signing Goes Awry--And It Hasn't Even Started Yet

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If anyone is in the Gainesville, Fl., area and hoping to get a signed copy of Tim Tebow's memoir, Through My Eyes, think again. The Facebook event page for it gives a clue as to how things are going: a total mess. The signing is taking place at a Walmart there and the lines are already long--been that way since Wednesday night. And the event doesn't even start until 6:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

But that isn't the whole story. If you've already bought the book at some other retailer, you are out. Literally out. Walmart won't let you stay in line if you didn't buy the book at this particular Walmart that is hosting the event.

Our Florida blog, Alligator Army, has more: apparently, Walmart has just 600 copies of the book to sell, which went out at midnight.

600 books. Tim Tebow. Walmart. In Gainesville. Yeah, that doesn't add up very well. Someone messed up here.