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(VIDEO) Tim Tebow Visits The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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On May 31, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow released his memoir, Through My Eyes, and along with a book tour promoting it, he stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central on Thursday night. Video below



There's plenty of good stuff in there. The best exchange comes when the two discuss paying college athletes. Tebow sees that student-athletes struggle to even go to Outback for a meal. He'd also like to see players receive scooters to get around camps, to which Stewart responds, "Really, a scooter?"

The funniest part came at the beginning when Stewart talks about all the good things Tebow did living with parents who were missionaries. Tebow jokingly said it was all lies and then went on to say that he didn't want to go to church a few times so he could avoid Florida State fans.

Through My Eyes is No. 22 bestseller in the books section of, the No. 1 in football books, No. 2 in sports biographies and No. 3 in religious biographies. Just 23, Tebow's life certainly has many asking what's already happened to him.