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Spygate II Fallout: Steve Scarnecchia Hired By Syracuse Football

For most Denver Broncos fans, Spygate II is a long-forgotten memory lost with the dismissal of Josh McDaniels in December. But for Steve Scarnecchia, who illegally taped a San Francisco 49ers practice in October 2010, Spygate is a reminder of his failure. Now he has a chance at redemption.

After being fired by the Broncos, Scarnecchia landed with his alma mater, the Syracuse Orange, over the weekend. Head coach Doug Marrone told the Syracuse Post-Standard that "I am 100 percent certain he is the right man for the job."

He will be Syracuse's video coordinator, similar to being the Broncos video director. At least according to Marrone, Scarnecchia has learned from his mistake and moved on. Everyone deserves a second chance

Will Scarnecchia be helpful in continuing the success the Orange started in 2010? After Syracuse struggled with former Broncos defensive coordinator Greg Robinson at the helm from 2005-08, Doug Marrone turned his team from 4-8 in 2009 to 8-4 in 2010m including a Pinstripe Bowl victory. Scarnecchia's duties will need to help a young defense that lost many seniors at the end of last season.