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Now You Can Have Your Very Own Tim Tebow Statue

What is there to get the Tim Tebow fan who already has everything? Well, if you happen to have $12,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then why not spring for a bronzed Tim Tebow statue. The sculpture is created by artist Franco Castelluccio and measures in at 16H x 24W. There is no Florida Gator or Denver Broncos team identification on the statue, most likely to avoid any trademark issues.
There is only going to be one of these statues made and if you hurry you can get a discount on this thing before it receives the bronze treatment.

Even at the steep price of $12,000 there is going to be one crazy Florida -- or even Bronco - fan that must have this one of a king Tim Tebow item.

Castelluccio has a few other sports related sculptures such as a World Cup sculpture and one of former New York Giant David Tyree's famous catch in the Super Bowl.