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Kyle Orton's Price Tag Too Hefty For Broncos To Move In Trade

Even with an apparent resolution coming to the NFL Lockout, it still appears that free agency and the trading period will come far too late for the Denver Broncos to seriously look at trading Kyle Orton. Jason La Canfora of doesn't see the Broncos moving him with their asking price of a second-round pick:

The skinny: Despite Tebow mania sweeping the country and a segment of the Broncos' fanbase, Orton by far gives the team its best chance of winning games now ... something the Broncos haven't done an awful lot of lately. It would take a lot to pry him away (starting in the second-round level) and team officials doubt that kind of demand will be there. If it materializes, the Broncos will listen but I'd be surprised given this unusual offseason if he's not their opening-day starter.

La Canfora has been chasing this angle for the last several months so this comes as no surprise. How exactly does Orton "by far" give the Broncos "its best chance of winning game now"? He never seems to answer that. That isn't to say that Tim Tebow would be able to give the Broncos the best chance to win, but the team hasn't done much winning with Orton either.

The Broncos need to fix the defense if they really want to win.