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(PHOTO) Get Your Tim Tebow Jockey T-Shirts From A Vending Machine

As we all know, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow promotes a line of shirts sold by Jockey, and they are probably good shirts. I mean, I haven't bought any (yet), but the ads (click link above) give the appearance of being nice shirts. But then there's this:


via @dougie_frsh and @darrenrovell
Click to enlarge.

First thought: OK, it's a Tim Tebow ad on a vending machine.

Second thought: No, wait. That's a vending machine with a Tim Tebow ad on it that is selling his Jockey shirts as well as other products.

Third thought: There are vending machines that sell merchandise like that?

Tebow is certainly staying busy this offseason. Whether it's doing a book signing tour for his memoir, Through My Eyss, holding workouts with his receivers in Gainesville, participating in team workouts in Denver or playing the links, Tebow is not resting. However, I just want Tebow and the rest of the Broncos to get back to the business of playing football sooner rather than later.