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(VIDEO) Tim Tebow Book Signing At Walmart In Gainesville, Fl.

The Tim Tebow book signing at Walmart in Gainesville, Fl. took place on Tuesday evening, and here's some video of it:

Based on the look of things, that store was packed for this two-hour event that took place from 4-6 p.m. MT. As we learned yesterday, this event even had people lining up outside the store Wednesday evening in order to get Tim Tebow to sign a copy of his memoir, Through My Eyes. There probably wasn't much regular shopping going on during the signing.

And then when things get started, Tebow emerges from the opposite end of the video games aisle to chants of "Tebow! Tebow!"A few little waves and a smile, Tebow sits down to sign books. The first guy shown in the video, holding his kid, says that he's been in line since yesterday (Wednesday), but I'm sure it was worth it for him.

I just wonder what else those two girls were hoping Tebow would (but didn't) sign. Err, move along.

Next stop on the Tim Tebow Cult of Personality Tour. . . .