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Cardinals Inquire About Kyle Orton, According To Report

While NFL teams still cannot trade with the lockout in place, Channel 3 Sports in Arizona has learned that the Arizona Cardinals and the  Denver Broncos have had "preliminary discussion" about quarterback Kyle Orton. However, this appears to be the Cards' fallback option as they would prefer to trade for the Philadelphia Eagles' Kevin Kolb.

ESPN's Adam Schefter believes the Cardinals are the favorite to land Kolb over the Seattle Seahawks, likely for a first-round pick in 2012 and another pick or a player. But if that falls through, the Cardinals would likely not need to give up as much for Orton. Until teams can trade players again, there isn't much going on here.

These early talks seem to indicate that the Broncos are leaning toward Tim Tebow as their starter, but even if Orton is not traded, Tebow will need to compete for the starting quarterback position in training camp (whenever that may be).

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