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Tim Tebow Hosts Private Workouts With Broncos Receivers, According To Report

A couple of weeks ago, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow arrived in Denver to take part in workouts organized by safety Brian Dawkins. Occupied with previous engagements, Tebow missed the first week, but he had been known to hold his own workouts while in Jacksonville, FL.

Now ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Tebow has flown in to Jacksonville several of his wide receivers to work together. Those receivers are Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney and Britt Davis. Eddie Royal was still recovering from hip surgery and couldn't make it, though he did attend a workout in Denver with Dawkins' group. Second-year-to-be receivers Eric Decker (previous commitment) and Demaryius Thomas (injury) did not participate either.

Schefter also reports that workouts will pick up in Arizona for two weeks. With no end in sight to the NFL Lockout, Tebow can use all the practice he can get with his receivers so he can enter camp (if there is one) to win the quarterback battle.

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