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Broncos Will Look For Running Back In Free Agency

The Denver Broncos have been criticized for not drafting a defensive tackle in the 2011 NFL Draft (and rightly so for the most part), which means they will rely on Kevin Vickerson and whomever else they sign on the free agent market (whenever that opens up). Another area that the Broncos will need to look at on the open market is running back.

In a conference call with the fans on Monday, head coach John Fox said that running back would be a key area to improve upon through free agency. In 2010, the Broncos' rushing attack struggled mightily. It finished 26th overall at 96.5 yards per game, well below normal for a team known for its running game. Knowshon Moreno struggled with injuries and when he was on the field never gained much traction. He finished the season with 182 rushes for 779 yards and five touchdowns. He has yet to live up to being the 12th overall pick.

One target for Broncos could be Fox's former running back with the Carolina Panthers, DeAngelo Williams. Depending on what happens with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Williams could be an unrestricted free agent, making it far more likely for the team to pursue him. A running back tandem of Moreno and Williams could put the ground game back on track.