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(VIDEO) Tim Tebow Memoir Preview

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Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's memoir, Through My Eyes, comes out on May 31, but if you want a sneak preview of it or are trying to figure out if you want to pick it up, there's a video detailing some of the events in the book:

Through My Eyes from Tim Tebow on Vimeo.

It might be worth a read, but I'll wait to see if my local library gets a copy first. As for the video itself, the shifting between a frontal view of Tebow and a profile one would have been all right if it wasn't done so often.

Better get started on your second memoir, Tim. The next one can cover your time in Denver, but that should hopefully take years to complete. Pro Bowls, Super Bowls--it's time for you to prove yourself in the NFL and quiet those critics. Well, whenever that time is since there's a stalemate on the labor front still.