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Broncos Looking For High Selection In Any Kyle Orton Trade, But Not Actively Seeking Deal

It's assumed that the Denver Broncos will trade quarterback Kyle Orton once the league starts up again and there is a free agency period. According to's Jason La Canfora, the Broncos aren't actively seeking to trade Orton and expect him to be the team's starter in 2011. At least that's what the people in the organization he's talked to have said. And if the Broncos were to trade Orton it's not what most teams would be willing to give up:

If the right call comes in and the offer is strong, it will be considered, according to sources. But the idea that a third- or fourth-round pick might get it done is woefully misguided. A high second-round pick that converts to a first-rounder based on production, now that could be a different story.

All this seems to be idle speculation at this point. And who exactly are his sources inside the organization? This just sounds like it could be emanating from a pro-Orton camp.

Until the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the legality of the injunction or the NFL and the players reach a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Orton front remains in a stalemate.