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Tim Tebow Joins Brian Dawkins' Workouts Group

After missing the first week of informal workouts held by Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins, quarterback Tim Tebow arrived in Denver and participated in Thursday's practice. Tebow had been under fire over the last week for not coming to Denver and practicing since he is largely expected to be the leader of this team going forward.

Tebow went under center and worked on exchanges with center J.D. Walton, something Tebow has also worked on in Jacksonville this offseason. How well Tebow adapts to working under center will go a long way in helping his long-term success.

Before Dawkins organized the workouts, quarterback Kyle Orton came under criticism for not being like the Saints' Drew Brees, who helped organize his team's workouts. Orton has participated in these workouts as well, but there's a growing sense that he will be traded if a new season starts relatively on time or slightly thereafter.

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