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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Broncos Receive 'B-' Average From Experts

Real Clear Sports is always great at compiling information from around the sports world, and they've done it again with 2011 NFL Draft grades. They took eight of the more popular mock drafts out there (Mel Kiper, CBS Sports, SI, Sporting News, etc.) and averaged them together for one final score.

The Detroit Lions had the highest average GPA with a 3.68, not having any grade lower than a 'B+". The Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks had the worst grades, 2.06 and 2.05, respectively. Even as lows as those grades are, grades in the 'B' range can be found.

The Broncos received a 2.88 GPA, so somewhere between a 'B-' and a 'B'. The highest, an 'A', came from Sports Illustrated, which believes the Broncos filled all their glaring holes. Overall, the Broncos finished first in the AFC West, ahead of the Chargers (2.79), the Chiefs (2.71) and the Raiders (2.36).

Now if these guys can just get on the field soon to prove or disprove these grades.

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