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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Broncos Receive A 'B-' In SB Nation's Results; Grades From Elsewhere

As we make some final rounds around 2011 NFL Draft grades, SB Nation has its own out. Breaking down the AFC West, Brian Galliford gives the Denver Broncos a 'B-' for their efforts last week. Galliford likes the Von Miller pick, but wonders about the pass-rusher's transition to a 4-3 defense. Here's his bottom line:

It's tough to get overly excited, however, knowing that the Broncos have a dearth of talent at defensive tackle, one of the deepest positions of this draft class.

That's going to be the question that surrounds this draft class for some time: did John Elway, John Fox and Brian Xanders make the correct decision in not taking a defensive tackle at any point in the draft? The triumvirate is certainly showing a ton of confidence in Kevin Vickerson, as well hoping for a good find on the free agent market.

Elsewhere, Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post gave the Broncos a 'B' for sticking with defense and not making reaches. That was the best grade out of the AFC West teams, as the Chiefs had a 'C-' for taking questionable character guys, the Raiders a 'C' for having no first-round pick and the Chargers a 'B-' after reaching on Jonas Mouton is the second round.'s Kerry J. Byrne has given perhaps the highest praise for the Denver Broncos draft:

John Elway's first draft has the potential to be a great one that addressed all the team's most glaring needs. Grade: A

Except for defensive tackle. I'm not sure what blinders Byrne has on, but the team's most glaring need really was on the defensive tackle, at tackle, specifically.