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Von Miller, Julius Thomas Could Provide Fantasy Football Owners With Help Early On

Over at, which 2011 NFL Draft picks will contribute as fantasy football performers this coming season is the hot topic. The Broncos will see some of the players listed above in 2011 (CBA willing and such).

Kansas City Chiefs' first-round selection, WR Jon Baldwin, is listed as a second tier starter. He'll be paired with Dwayne Bowe, so Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and draft picks Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter will have tough jobs defending this dual-threat.

In Weeks 2 and 3, the Broncos will likely have long looks at three high draft selections. In Week 2, the Broncos play the Cincinnati Bengals, who just drafted WR A.J. Green (No. 4) and Andy Dalton (No. 35). With Carson Palmer wanting out of Cincy and Chad Ochocinco likely out as well, Dalton and Green will be starters from the first day of training camp--Green for certain.

Do the Broncos have any potential impact rookies for fantasy football?

If any league uses individual defensive players, Von Miller would be a great end-of-the-draft selection. Miller figures to be all over the field to get tackles, but he will also spend plenty of time rushing the quarterback. Wouldn't 10-plus sacks look good for your fantasy team?

Fourth-round pick TE Julius Thomas may not be worth a draft pick, but looking at things now, he may turn into a decent in-season pickup. The Broncos lacked production from their tight ends recently. Daniel Graham led the position with 18 catches for 148 yards in 2010 and Dan Gronkowski and Richard Quinn combined for nine catches and 74 yards. Thomas' background as a basketball player has people invoking Antonio Gates already. It's far too early for that, but Thomas has a chance to become a favorite target of Orton's or Tebow's in the red zone.