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NFL Draft 2011 Grades: Was Von Miller A Questionable Selection?

Was Von Miller a questionable selection for the Denver Broncos with the No. 2 selection? So believes CBS Sports' Pete Prisco is his 2011 NFL Draft grades:

Questionable move: Passing on Marcell Dareus to take Von Miller is questionable with their big hole inside on their defense.

But talent is talent, no matter how you look at. Dareus was considered a safe pick, but Miller could be the type of player who can change the entire tempo of a defense. He seems to be a big fan of Rahim Moore because he has the range to help against the passing game. Overall, he gives the draft a 'B-' and likes John Elway's draft.

It's becoming clear that most evaluations on this draft class (without any player having been on an NFL field for a down) are coming in with solid, but not spectacular grades. The Chargers receive a 'B+' for draft picks that were used "wisely." Time will tell, or something. . . .

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