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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Denver Broncos Win The AFC West, According To CBS Sports' Rob Rang

The Denver Broncos have won the AFC West--at least on first glance in the 2011 NFL Draft, according to CBS Sports' Rob Rang. Actually, the Broncos and the Chargers both received a 'B-' grade, but Rang seems a bit higher on the Broncos.

Rang knocks the Broncos' down for not addressing their needs at defensive tackle:

Had the Denver Broncos not been lacking defensive tackles on their roster and their draft class, their efforts over the three days of the 2011 Draft would rank higher.

But he finds that the team's first three picks were all of great value and will likely provide immediate help. He also believes fourth-round pick Julius Thomas could be an interesting player to watch, given his basketball background.

Rang likes the Chargers' selection of Corey Liuget and finds that most of the other players are good fits for the team's scheme, though not necessarily the best value for where they were drafted. The Raiders received a 'C+' for taking a legacy pick and drafting speed, as usual. The Chiefs take the low spot with a 'C-' after selecting two questionable character guys in Jon Baldwin and Justin Houston, but the later-round selections will make this look better a few years down the line.

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