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Denver Broncos Offseason: Brian Dawkins Talks About Coordinating Voluntary Workouts

On Tuesday, the Denver Post reported that Brian Dawkins had successfully organized a voluntary set of workouts for the Denver Broncos. Dawkins has always been an insanely hard worker and well-respected leader, so it’s not surprising that he was the one to spearhead the activity, even if he is just in his second year with the Broncos.

The veteran team captain joined The Drive on 104.3 The Fan on Tuesday to explain how and why the idea came about, what the dozen or so Broncos players in attendance did during the sessions, his thoughts about where things stand with the lockout, and his reaction to the Broncos drafting two safetys during the 2011 NFL Draft.

What prompted him to spearhead the Broncos’ training efforts?:

“During the offseason, for as long as I’ve played this game and most of us have played this game, and most of us have played this game, there have been specific things that are done during the offseason to make sure we’re conditioned. … This year, because of the lockout, that’s not in place. … As I looked at things as they were going on and the judgments got pushed back further and further, I just wanted to have a place for guys to be able to come if you can make it.”

Is it more about getting in shape than it is about trying to practice?:

“That’s what it is. I’m not asking these guys … about 7 on 7s, not about one-on-one-pass drills, one-on-one coverage, none of that. It’s what we would usually do if we were at the facility over there.”

How did he feel on draft weekend when two safeties were picked?:

“No different than when I was at Philadelphia when they drafted safeties there. The thing about it is, the longer I play, they’re going to draft young guys regardless. It’s a blessing for me to be where I am, doing what I do, the way that I do it. I won’t change who I am or the way that I prepare myself. I know players say this from time to time, but I really mean this, when I go into training camp, from Day One, I went in there saying, ‘I’m going to earn my job.’ That’s no different today.”

(Partial transcription via: SportsRadioInterviews)