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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Broncos Receive 'B+' On Sporting News' Breakdown

The Denver Broncos continue to receive good reviews for their 2011 NFL Draft class. When picking No. 2 overall, any team is going to receive a boost in their grade, because they will have one of the top overall players. And Von Miller was exactly that for the Broncos. A dynamic pass-rusher, he alone can make this draft a winner in the long-term.

Here's what the Sporting News had to say about the Broncos' draft:

Broncos: B +

Von Miller and Rahim Moore will upgrade a defense that desperately needs it, and Orlando Franklin will help the offensive line.

That covers the team's first three selections, but that leaves one to wonder what is thought of their later picks. Either way it is a solid grade.

Five teams received an 'A-' or above, the Lions and the Patriots both receiving an 'A+'. Among the other AFC West teams, the Chiefs received a 'B-' while the Chargers had a 'C+'. There's some doubt over how successful the Chargers' other picks after Corey Liuget will pan out.

The Raiders receive a 'D', a grade given out to three other teams. The Sporting News sees the first three picks as reaches, but hopes the speed will help out in some way.

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