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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Winners & Losers In The AFC West

How well do the AFC West teams stack up with their respective draft classes just a day after the 2011 NFL Draft ended? Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft is already out with his winners and losers in this year's draft. Where do the four teams fall?

Kadar has the Kansas City Chiefs as the only clear winner among the AFC West teams. He believes, "The Chiefs did a good job filling needs with high upside." However, he also points out that four of their draft picks have work ethic questions surrounding them. High-risk, high-reward, but will it pay off?

In the losers category, he puts both the Chargers and the Raiders. While the Corey Liuget selection was a good one, Kadar finds that "the Chargers had plenty of picks that were odd reaches." As for the Raiders, they went with more speed and a few offensive linemen.

So apparently that leaves the Broncos somewhere in between. As more NFL Draft grades are released, we'll see plenty of praise for the Broncos' selection of Von Miller, but also questions on why the team didn't take any defensive tackles.