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NFL Lockout: Injunction Arguments Set For Today, April 6

The latest maneuver in the ongoing 2011 NFL Lockout comes today, April 6, when Judge Susan Nelson of a US District Court in Minnesota hears oral arguments by the former players union to grant an injunction. Business Insider breaks down what could happen as a result of this hearing.

Business Insider believes that ruling could come as soon as Friday morning or Monday morning, but no longer than a week. And when that ruling by Judge Nelson comes, there are three possible outcomes. The first would be granting the injunction, which would lift the lockout and allow free agency and trades to happen. She could also grant the injunction, but keep lockout in place until the NFL's appeal is heard. She could also deny the injunction.

There are also issues dealing with the National Labor Relations Board, but those won't come into play until after the ruling.

This is not the offseason fans were hoping for, but it's the one they have received.

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