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Von Miller Excited To Play With Elvis Dumervil

After being selected with the No. 2 overall pick by the Denver Broncos, Von Miller had a conference call with the local Denver media to discuss his reaction to joining the team.

On the moment he was drafted
Miller said he was looking at his phone, waiting for a call, but the Broncos were actually calling his father's phone. The 303 area code gave it away.

On being drafted by the Broncos
Miller said it was a surprise, though he's excited to get to work in Denver. He had a workout with the Broncos as well as meetings with the team in April. He wasn't quite sure of the name for Dove Valley, but with the lockout lifted he'll be spending plenty of time there (pending the 8th Circuit Court ruling).

On the transition to the NFL
Miller spent a good portion of his time discussing how he'll transition to the league. He thinks he'll adjust pretty well to a 4-3 linebacker, since "In the end, it's all about shedding blocks and making tackles."  He feels that Mike Sherman, who coached in the NFL, has helped him prepare for the move to the NFL.

On playing with Elvis Dumervil
Miller knows quite a bit about Dumervil and is excited to be able to play with him. He credits Dumervil with paving the way for smaller players to succeed in the NFL. Miller believes he'll have no issues playing in a down position, just as Dumervil will move back to the line.

On the legal battles with the NFL
Miller has no issues with Roger Goodell. He just wants, as does everybody else, football to be played. Taking part in this lawsuit is his way of helping out those who came before him and will come after him.