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Jimmy Smith Selected By Baltimore Ravens After Some Draft Drama

The Baltimore Ravens selected Jimmy Smith with the 27th overall pick--but it was not without some draft drama. The Ravens originally held the 26th overall pick and when the clock wound down to zero no pick was in. The Kansas City Chiefs then turned in their card to select Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin at No. 26. The Ravens then took Smith with the next pick at No. 27.

As it turned out, the Ravens thought they had a trade worked out with the Chicago Bears, only to never consummate it. As a result, the Ravens were left scrambling but able to secure their pick before the New England Patriots could do anything (they wound up trading the pick to the New Orleans Saints).

There was some debate surrounding Smith during the draft process. Teams questioned his character after they learned he had two incidences that involved underage drinking as well as of marijuana use. But then talent evaluators started to claim that Smith could potentially be the top cornerback in the draft, a shutdown one possibly, over Patrick Peterson (who went No. 5 overall to the Arizona Cardinals) and Prince Amukamara (who No. 19 overall to the New York Giants).

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