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Von Miller Is Highest-Selected Texas A&M Player Since Quentin Coryatt In 1992

Now that the Denver Broncos have selected Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, where does Miller rank among the highest-drafted Aggies in school history? The last time a Texas A&M player went as high as Miller was linebacker Quentin Coryatt in 1992, No. 2 overall to the Indianapolis Colts. That was the year the Colts had the first two picks in the draft and took Steve Emtman first overall.

Coryatt never lived up to the billing of a No. 2 overall pick, though he did have four seasons where played full seasons. He played with the Colts through 1997, spent 1998 on injured reserve and then played in four games with the Dallas Cowboys in 1999 before retiring.

The most successful Aggie since then has to be DE Ty Warren, who went 13th overall to the New England Patriots in 2003. He has 20.5 sacks in eight seasons, though he missed all but one game in 2010 due to a torn hip labrum.

Here are the other first round picks out of Texas A&M since 1992:

LB Reggie D. Brown, No. 17 to Detroit Lions (1996)
DT Sam Adams, No. 8 to Seattle Seahawks (1994)
DB Aaron Glenn, No. 12 to New York Jets (1994)
RB Greg Hill, No. 25 Kansas City Chiefs (1994)
DB Patrick Bates No. 12 Oakland raiders (1993)

I believe in a season or two we'll be talking about Miller being one hell of a player in the NFL. An explosive athlete who will get at the quarterback often.