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NFL Releases Statement On 'Post-Injunction Operations'

On Thursday afternoon, the NFL released a statement on what can now happen with an injunction against the lockout in place. Up until now, several teams have denied players access to team facilities, but that will now change.

Starting Friday, April 29 at 8 a.m. ET, teams will now allow players into their facilities for rehab, treatments and examinations. Teams can also hand out playbooks and coaches can discuss them with players. Organized team activities will be allowed, as will the use of work out facilities when OTAs are not taking place.

The league is also expected to inform the teams on how to conduct player trades, free agent signings and other roster transactions on Friday. The NFL will also inform teams when the league year starts so that player movement can take place. So we won't see any players traded on Day 1 of the NFL draft, and maybe not until after draft, depending on when the league year starts.

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