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Lockout Lifted, But Knowshon Moreno, Teammates Denied Entry Into Broncos Facility

Even with the lockout lifted and Judge Susan Nelson denying the owners a stay on her ruling, NFL teams appear ready to keep the lockout in place. Denver Broncos running back recently tweeted that he tried to enter the team's facilities and was denied access:

Went to the facility today to work out..turned us down.Hmm what's the deal we just want to work! It's time .less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


No Broncos players appeared earlier in the week when the lockout was first lifted, but there were five reporters on stakeout that Tuesday. With the lockout lifted and a stay denied, the players are supposed to have access to these facilities. However, the league apparently is waiting for the 8th Circuit Court ruling to come down before allowing players back into their facilities.

According to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post, Brian Dawkins led a group of 10 players to Dove Valley, but were told that "daily football operations [are] still 'on hold'."