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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Mayock Projects Von Miller To Denver Broncos

Final 2011 NFL mock drafts are making the round on Thursday, just hours before the first round of the draft takes place. We've seen Mel Kiper project Von Miller to the Broncos at No. 2, and SB Nation's Brian Galliford still believes Marcell Dareus is the selection. Add the NFL Network's Mike Mayock to the burgeoning(?) Miller crowd.

Mayock goes with Miller because he sees the defensive tackle position as the strength of the draft, meaning the Broncos could get good value later on in the draft. I'm not entirely sure that the Broncos will keep their next pick, No. 36 overall, but Mayock's reasoning does have merit to it.

Like other mocks, Mayock has CU's Nate Solder to the Colts and Jimmy Smith to the Ravens. Could the Lions take a jump at No. 13 and grab Smith there, like Kiper has it?

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft starts at 6 p.m. (MT) on Thursday, April 28 and SB Nation has everything you need to prepare for it - NFL mock drafts, draft projections, scouting reports, the full NFL draft schedule and more. Check it all out at our 2011 NFL Draft Hub and our NFL Draft blog Mocking the Draft. Visit Mile High Report for more on the Broncos.