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NFL Draft Predictions: Marcell Dareus Odds-On-Favorite To Be No. 2 Pick

With the 2011 NFL Draft two days away, there are going to be plenty of predictions outside of mock drafts. Prop bets for the NFL Draft will be a popular point of discussion. already has a number of them up. According to their odds for which player will go No. 2 overall (not taking into account who ultimately makes the selection), Marcell Dareus has 2/5 odds of being selected there. At the No. 1 pick he has 3/1 odds and then at No. 3 he has 10/1 odds. Barring some last-minute change among the top teams, Dareus should be one of the first players off the board.

And if you are so inclined, you can wager on which side of the ball Mr. Irrelevant plays on. But the best one is which prognosticator will have the most correct mock draft selections: Mel Kiper, Jr. or Todd McShay? What, no prop bet on how many Kiper hair jokes will be made?

SB Nation Denver does not endorse gambling, but provides this for entertainment purposes.