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Tim Tebow Discusses College Football, John Elway & NFL Lockout

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow recently appeared on 709 The Zone in Atlanta and discussed a wide range of topics while in the studio. After answering a few questions about his life in general, Tebow responded to a question about "Tim Tebow mania" tiring people out, saying, "I definitely understand that, and people are entitled to their own opinion. I just try to when I meet someone, or when I come in contact with someone, to always leave a better impression than before I got there."

And while he feels honored by having a statue of his on the Florida campus, Tebow doesn't seem too big of a fan of his it: "I got to tell you I probably won’t look at it too much because it’s a little weird." He's only been away from Florida for a year, so, yeah, there isn't enough time to have perspective on what he's done for the school. Still, given all he did for the school and for what he achieved on the field, he definitely belongs in a pantheon with Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel.

Not knowing about Tebow until he became the starter for the Gators, I was surprised to learn that he was quite close to playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide--that is, until Urban Meyer took over Florida and heavily recruited him. Meyer believed in Tebow, and Tebow eventually bought into what Meyer was selling. And that's why he doesn't fault Meyer for resigning as head coach: he understands the coach because of the relationship they built.

Whenever training camp starts, Tebow will be in a fight for the starting QB job with Kyle Orton. So this offseason Tebow said that he's exclusively worked on playing under center, avoiding the shotgun formation. Tebow appears to have a good relationship with John Elway, who keeps doling out bits of advice here and there to the young quarterback. But more than anything, the NFL lockout is motivating Tebow to do better. While some players may be enjoying the time off from OTAs, he wants to keep getting better every day.

Let's check back in a few weeks to see how he feels about the Lockout.