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NFL Lockout 2011: Players Reportedly Agree On 10-Day Extension To Negotiate, Await Owners' Decision

In somewhat of a new development, the NFL Players Association has reportedly agreed to extend negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement. This comes in the wake of both sides agreeing to extend the deal 24 hours, until 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 4.

The owners have not yet made a statement on this matter yet. If the owners do not agree to keep negotiating the current CBA will expire at midnight tonight. Mediator George Cohen apparently convinced the players to agree to the extension, but will he do the same with the owners?

Additionally, if the players believe the owners won't extend the talks one move they could make today would be to decertify the union. They would need to do that before the close of the business day on Friday. Should that happen, it would allow the players to challenge the league in court.

By not extending the negotiations, the owners' desire would appear to be a lockout.