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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Defensive Linemen Galore For Broncos To Choose From

As the 2011 NFL mock draft wears on, it usually becomes harder to break the mold at the top of order. It's pretty much settled by prognosticators that 'X' number of guys will go in the top 10 and then they get shuffled around every week. Maybe there's a different player toward the back end of the top 10, but no major surprises.

That's what we see in two mock drafts from Rob Rang and Chad Reuter each go with a different quarterback at No. 1 overall with the Panthers. At this point, it's hard to believe the Panthers will take someone other than a quarterback, but for the sake of variety the QB changes. And the one that doesn't go first eventually goes third to the Bills.

Sandwiched in between the quarterbacks is the No. 2 selection owned by the Denver Broncos. Surprise, surprise, both mocks have the team go with a defensive lineman. Rang goes with Marcell Dareus because he is the top run-stuffer in draft. Reuter believes Da'Quan Bowers could boost his stock to the No. 2 overall pick with a great workout.

At this point, don't we all just want the actual draft to take place? Why type in hypotheticals about who a team should draft when we could start to second-guess teams and then prognosticate how the draftees will do once they play?