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2011 NFL Draft: Broncos Awarded One Compensatory Pick

The NFL announced the awarding of compensatory picks for the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft, and the Denver Broncos will receive one of the 32 selections. Under league bylaws there must be 32 total compensatory draft picks award, broken down between teams that lost more players than took in during the previous year's free agency and then based on draft order. Of the 32 selections, 11 were given to those teams selecting No. 1-No. 11 in the coming draft.

As a result, the Broncos will now have the 46th pick (246th overall) of the seventh round in addition to the No. 2 overall pick, two second-round picks (36, 46), one third-round pick (67), one sixth-round selection and their original seventh-round choice.

The first compensatory pick comes at the end of the third round when the Carolina Panthers have the 97th overall pick. It is the only additional pick in the third round. They lost Julius Peppers to free agency in 2010. The team will also receive two more picks, one in the sixth round and one in the seventh round.

In the rest of the AFC West, the Chargers receive one selection each in the sixth and the seventh, the Chiefs in the sixth and the Raiders in the seventh.