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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Rise Of Blaine Gabbert, Von Miller

The NFL Combine is finished, providing teams with plenty of information to set up their draft boards. Plus, thousands of draft watchers can now change their mocks accordingly. In SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, the top three selections receive a bit of a face lift.

While Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley became the favorite No. 1 selection in mock drafts after his BCS Championship game performance, Brian Galliford sees the Panthers going in a different direction this time: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. In a draft that lacks the clear star potential of an Andrew Luck (who returned to school for another season), Gabbert could be the best of a bunch that also includes Auburn's Cam Newton and Washington's Jake Locker.

With the No. 2 selection, the Denver Broncos stick with LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. A cornerback tandem of Peterson and Champ Bailey is a scary thought for opposing offensive coordinators. Peterson may just be the best overall talent in this draft and it would be hard to pass him up. He could also play some safety.

Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller is also in play for the Broncos at No. 2, but in this mock he goes to the Buffalo Bills at No. 3. The Bills are another team that could use a quarterback, but Miller, like Peterson, may be too good to pass up at this point.

Fairley, who usually went No. 1 in SB Nation's mock drafts, slides all the way down to the Cowboys at No. 9. Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus goes one spot ahead of him. This will be a positional battle to watch out for during the draft.